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About Josh Flagg

With over ten years in the real estate business, Josh Flagg has taken the real estate market by storm. Josh has sold over $1,000,000,000 worth of property and is a top realtor at one of the most prestigious real estate firms in the United States. His record selling achievements include the most expensive house in Brentwood and the most expensive house in Beverly Hills south of Sunset Blvd just to mention a few.




  • A custom property website will be created
  • A custom color property brochure will be created
  • A detailed description of the property with color photographs and a link to the website will appear in the
    Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service
  • Over 2000 just listed cards will be mailed to area residents
  • A custom E-mail blast with photos and a link to the property website will be sent to several thousand
    agents (encompasses all major real estate offices in Los Angeles)
  • A custom E-mail blast with photos and a link to the property website will be sent to 3,000 of Josh’s
    personal and business contacts (including many celebrities and affluent community members)
  • With the owners permission, an Open House for the Entire Brokerage community will be held
  • The property will be presented to over 120 agents during the Rodeo Realty office meeting
  • With the owners permission, a For Sale sign will be placed on the property


  • An ad will be placed in the Los Angeles Times
  • The property will be advertized in the MLS guide with a full page color advertisement
  • Custom property postcards will be designed and mailed to the area


  • The property may be featured or mentioned on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Internationally Syndicated and Translated in almost every country)
  • The property will be listed on Prestige MLS (European MLS) and will be translated into 13 different languages
  • The property will be listed on Caimeiiu (Asian MLS) and will be translated to Chinese. Caimeiju can be found on top Chinese local search engines like Baidu, Google China, Bing, and Yahoo Taiwan.
  • The property will be featured on, an international website for broker members only.
  • The property website will be featured on YouKu which is an Asian version of YouTube with 203 million monthly visitors. It will be translated into Mandarin.


  • THE PROPERTY WILL BE FEATURED ON THE INTERNET ON JOSH FLAGG’S SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: (150,000+ friends and followers) (86,000+ Twitter followers) (50,000+ photo followers)


    Architectural Digest
    Wallstreet Journal
    LA confidential
    Architect Magazine
    Architecture Week
    Metropolis Magazine
    Design Crave
    E! Entertainment (E! News Show)
    Entertainment tonight
    Extra- Mansions and Millionaires
    Beautiful Homes and Great Estates
    FOX’s Money with Melissa Francis
    CNBC Squeak Box
    Open House LA-LXTV


This is the ultimate professional in his field, calm, experienced and perceptive. Josh Flagg is a gentleman, direct and honest. He didn't waste our time with salesmanship, he offered numerous resources and produced results. We are very pro-active people, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but weren't sure how. Josh knew exactly what to do. We didn't feel rushed yet the outcome was immediate and beyond our expectations. He was always accessible and his staff is a seamless extension of his process. We're absolutely convinced that, given the same circumstances, any other broker would not have produced the same amazing outcome...not even close. With Josh, reality is better than TV. -Joy & Robert Lamm

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Josh was a godsend in helping us find our home. He is also one of the most knowledgable and connected people in Los Angeles. He took interest in getting to know us as individuals and understanding our taste. We went to see him on a Wednesday and the home we ended up buying was the second home he sent us to; we made an offer against 15 others that was accepted by Sunday of the same week. The way he and his team guided us through the entire process made the experience easy and enjoyable. We are so happy in our new home and we couldn't be more grateful to Josh and his team for everything they did to make the experience as wonderful as it was. -Gilbert Chagoury and Jake Saady

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Someone told me once, “If you want to have the job done, right and fast, ask the busiest man.” In the case of Josh Flagg and his Team (Hilary), this adage can’t be more correct. Yes, he’s busy, but wouldn’t you rather work with someone who is in demand than not ? Most critically, he and his team ALWAYS returned phone calls, text message and emails…..even when we weren’t bringing to him what would be considered “an expensive house” in WLA. I’ve worked with real estate professionals throughout the world and, unfortunately, I’ve been disappointed by most real estate professionals in Beverly Hills, even as recently as only 3yrs ago, when we purchased our home in Beverly Hills, where the broker came with a long list of accolades, but with his nose stuck high up and acting as though he was doing us a favor, by him doing absolutely nothing (where even after closing, we suffered the consequence of his mistakes),….but….Josh and his Team truly have been a breath of fresh air and won the respect and the trust of both my wife and I. He sold our complete Fixer-Upper home in Beverly Hills, literally, 3 days after we first met, even before the agreement was even drafted, which closed in less than 1 mo (and…most importantly, for the price we wanted). We also asked him to sell our luxury high-rise condo (over many others who contacted us), which he sold to an all-cash buyer for faster than a 2wk escrow, which was as trouble-free as one can ever hope for. No demands for major repairs/discounts/re-negotiation, which is almost unheard of…for an all-cash buyer. Had we listened to Josh’s original recommendation, we would have sold our condo even faster ! We should have already known, after our first experience with Josh. I’m a super busy professional and with my wife expecting with our 2nd child, we didn’t need another layer of stress in our lives. We truly couldn’t have been happier with his professionalism and his always being available, when we were available. He doesn’t sugar-coat the facts or try to buy your affections, but you can also talk to him, point blank. He knows his market, he has tremendous connections and he doesn’t play funny games with other agents or with your listing to try to drag out the sales and/or to maximize his commissions or waste your time….AND….he will advise you to try to get you the best price you might be able to get. THAT is what we got from Josh and his team, when many WLA agents I experienced are “bird-cage kickers”, making it seem like he/she is creating a lot of activities, but it’s all for “show”. Whatever impressions you have of his image on his “Bravo Million Dollar Listings,” remember not to confuse the “reality show” TV from real life. If you appreciate and prize the same qualities from your real estate professional that we did and want some real, who is looking after your back (instead of only his/her own), then, you would be very happy with Josh and his incredible team. Oh, did I mention that he and his team are actually pleasant and even likable ? James N. Beverly Hills, CA 8/11/14

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  • NBC

    AfterBuzz TV Host Jessica Carroll interviews real estate brokers Josh Flagg and Josh Altman from Bravo “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”.

  • LA Times

    My Favorite Room

    It’s got beautiful Scalamandre and Oscar de la Renta fabrics. The room is filled with beautiful artwork [by artists] such as David Hockney, and Henri Moore sculptures. It’s very eclectic. The room also features a combination of pieces from Rose Tarlow and antiques, as well as Midcentury pieces .… Colton [Thorn], my partner, put the room together.


    I spoke to Joshua Flagg, who is recognized as one of the country’s top real estate professionals and star of the Bravo hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing LA. He’s also the author of Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream. With over 1 billion dollars’ worth of property sold, Flagg is one of the top ten agents in Los Angeles. His record-selling achievements include the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills, south of Sunset Boulevard, as well the highest-priced sales in Brentwood Park. Flagg has been the listing agent for some for Hollywood’s biggest names including the famed estates of cultural leader Dorothy Chandler in Hancock Park and media mogul Merv Griffin’s Bel Air mansion. He also recently sold a home to Adam Levine, frontman of the Grammy-winning band, Maroon 5.

  • LA Times

    Splashy Beverly Hills contemporary tops L.A.’s weekly sales…

  • FOX

    Now in its seventh season, the show follows top real estate agents Josh Flagg and JoshAltman, and shows us what itreally takes to sell homes to the rich and famous. And this year, they’ve expanded their agency to welcome two British transplants, David Parnes and James Harris

    All four agents stopped by Fox News Magazine’s studio to dish about their new season, their new challenges, and what James and David find so bloody great about Los Angeles.

  • Wall Sreet Journal

    And this month, Josh Flagg, a 27-year-old broker in Los Angeles who stars on Bravo’s reality show “Million Dollar Listing,” got the listing for Hollywood producer Gavin Polone’s $15.9 million house in Beverly Hills, having just sold a house a few doors down for $6.3 million

  • OK Magazine

    If you’re a realtor who’s used to selling multi-million dollar homes, odds are your own home is pretty gorgeous, right? Yup, we can confirm this to be true after watching OK! TV‘s tour video of the home of Josh Flagg from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

    OK! TV got an exclusive look at the realtor’s abode, a look at all his artwork and cool firepit, and found out that he’s planning on doing tons of renovations, even though the house is basically brand new!

  • PopSugar

    Million Dollar Listing star and Beverly Hills, CA, real estate superagent Josh Flagg isn’t known for his subtlety, so we weren’t surprised when…

  • Meredith Vieira

    What’s Hot Now! Meredith and her panel discuss the latest news and pop culture headlines that have them fired up!

    “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Cast, Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, James Harris, and David Parnes.

  • Angeleno 2015-04-27 16-54-01

  • Variety

    Platinum Triangle property purveyor and “Million Dollar Listing” star Josh Flagg put his humbly sized if hardly inexpensive Sunset Strip cottage up for sale at $2 million. Flagg acquired…

  • TMZ

    Josh Flagg … star of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” … just dropped $5 mil on a Beverly Hills pad — and now he’s gonna gut the place in hopes of making a bundle.

  • StarPulse

    Josh Flagg of Bravo’s hit TV series “Million Dollar Listing” ended Season 4 with a memorable and life changing revelation. His “coming out” with partner Colton not only allowed viewers to get an even more personal glimpse into his ‘million dollar’ life, but showcased how nothing could ever hold this reality and realty star down.

    Now in his new inspirational how-to real estate book entitled “Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream”, Josh takes us beyond the cameras, sharing never before told details on topics ranging from his life with partner Colton and his unique childhood to the inspirations and experiences that make him the uber successful real estate agent we just love to watch.

  • Metropolitan

    It has officially hit the streets! Chic Metropolitan “Mansion Issue” featuring JOSH FLAGG ” The man behind the Million Dollar Listing hit show on Bravo. Its selling like fire on the newsstands. Get your’s today or order online via our Subscribe button on

    Everyone’s favorite Million Dollar Listing cast member has picked confirmed to be in the Chic Metropolitan Magazine – The Mansion issue–Josh Flagg’s.

    Celebrating his tenth year in the real estate business, Josh Flagg is back and bigger than ever. Having sold $250,000,000 in residential real estate in little over a year, Flagg is taking the rebounding real estate market by storm. His record selling achievements include the most expensive house in Brentwood and the most expensive house in Beverly Hills south of Sunset Blvd. Known as a heavy-hitter in the industry, Flagg has been the listing agent for the famed Dorothy Chandler Estate in Hancock Park and Merv Griffin’s sprawling Bel

  • Huffington Post

    The stars of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” sell real estate in the playground of Hollywood royalty, and sometimes they find themselves pushing …

  • Entrepreneur

    A thought leader like Flagg can single-handedly inspire entire communities of people, who in turn share and the ripple effect is explosive.


    With over a decade’s worth of high-end deals in the real estate industry, Josh Flagg has taken the Los Angeles real estate market by storm. With over 1 billion dollars’ worth of property sold, Flagg is one of the top ten agents in Los Angeles. His record-selling achievements include the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills, south of Sunset Boulevard, as well the highest-priced sales in Brentwood Park. Flagg has been the listing agent for some for Hollywood’s biggest names including the famed estates of cultural leader Dorothy Chandler in Hancock Park and media mogul Merv Griffin’s Bel Air mansion. He also recently sold a home to Adam Levine, frontman of the Grammy-winning band, Maroon 5.

  • The Real Deal

    As “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” was picked up for a seventh season, the reality show’s three stars stopped by The Real Deal’s offices to cogitate on matters of a less glamorous nature: real estate attorneys and septic tank woes. More important, Josh Altman of Hilton & Hyland, Josh Flagg of Rodeo Realty and Madison Hildebrand of Coldwell Banker chatted about what a New York City broker needs to know to make it in L.A., and whether the brokerages contemplating a West Coast expansion can beat them on their own turf.

  • Socialite Life

    The threesome is looking much more cosy here than they were on last night’s season premiere episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

    Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand were on hand earlier today to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ MarketSite at NASDAQ in New York City.

    There were middle fingers, douche bags and major awkwardness being flung around during last night’s episode. Time apparently has not healed all wounds, but if it did, this reality show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as it is.

    This season it looks as if all there gents are in love. Well, Josh’s romance may be hitting a rough patch, but Madison is in love with a hottie yoga instructor. While Josh is (and will be later on in the season on the show) engaged to Heather Bilyeu.

  • Reality TV

    Million Dollar Listing on Bravo‘s season may be over, but the guys are still hard at work. So much so that Josh Flagg may be even be expanding his real estate business to Costa Rica….but what does that mean for the show? Keep reading for more!

    Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg will be hosting a dance party in Costa Rica for four days in July, but it’s not all just play – he may be expanding his business there! The party, which is being sponsored by Hacienda Matapalo, the best selling Costa Rica Real Estate gated community on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast is just part of his reason for heading out there as Josh Flagg said: “In addition to seeing all the wonders Costa Rica has to offer from a vacationer’s perspective, I’m also looking forward to visiting the Hacienda Matapalo property to see if I can bring business there.”

  • Hollywood Reporter

    Competing brokerages make nice as their top talent stars in Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Hildebrand topped $120 million in real estate before age 30. Flagg, 28, has sold more than $1 billion throughout his career, with plans to hit $200 million this year alone. Altman, 34, and his brother/partner, Matt (who comprise the Altman Brothers), have sold $183 million for the year to date and more than a half-billion dollars during their careers. Not that they’re interested in one and done: “It’s not so much chasing a commission on a one-time deal as keeping a happy client for a lifetime,” says Hildebrand.


    Everyone’s last-favorite Million Dollar Listing cast member has picked up some real estate for himself–Josh Flagg’s bought a cute little house above the Sunset Strip from nepotism-beneficiary David Katzenberg (son of DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, dater of high-profile celebutantes). According to the ever-reliable Real Estalker, Katzenberg bought the 1935 Spanish bungalow in 2006 for $1.55 million and sold it to Flagg for barely any profit at all (and possibly a loss): final price was $1.6 million. The house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a backyard, spa, firepit, and what sounds like a tiny poolhouse with bathroom.

  • Celebuzz

    Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is on the move…to Beverly Hills. Celebuzz has exclusively confirmed that he purchased a 6,500 square foot mansion in the hills on Oct. 19.
    The six bedroom, seven bath home is nestled into the foothills of Los Angeles on over an acre of flat land. Nicknamed the Benedict House, the historic estate is situated on approximately 3.5 acres total and offers impressive panoramic canyon views.

    Secluded behind the prestigious Wallingford Estates, a community comprised of only 14 homes, the home boasts an incredibly long, private driveway with a large circular motor court.

  • Hollywood Weekly Magazine

    If you bumped into Josh Flagg on the street, when he is not trying to sell a multi-million dollar house and being followed by a camera crew, your first impression of him would be that he is not any different from any ordinary 27-year-old guy living in Los Angeles; however, first impressions such as this can be deceiving. His unpretentious, minimalist, and polite demeanor might disguise the fact that he is an ambitiously successful real estate agent, published author, and reality TV star on Bravo’s popular reality cable-television show Million Dollar Listing. Evidently, Flagg is not an ordinary 27-year-old.



  • Adam Levine
  • Alex Von Furstenberg
  • Andrew Zaro and Lois Robbins (Cavalry Capital)
  • Andy Dick
  • Art Davis
  • Bedrosian Family
  • Black Family (Black Equities)
  • Bob Choulet (Honeywell)
  • Bob Cohen
  • Bob Lorsch
  • Brendan Iribe (Oculus)
  • Bruce Vilanch
  • Chip Rosenbloom (St. Louis Rams)
  • Chetrit Family (Willis-Sears Tower)
  • Countess Tiscevitch of Poland
  • Debartolo Family (San Francisco 49ers)
  • Devon Aoki
  • Farahnik Family
  • Gavin Polone
  • George Santopietro
  • Getty Family
  • Gilbert Chagoury
  • Graff Jewelers
  • Grazyna and Bill Simon (KPMG)
  • Harry Morton
  • Hekmat Family
  • Helene Spiegel (Columbia Savings)
  • Hutton Wilkinson (Tony Duquette, Inc.)
  • Illoulian Family
  • Jas Nakaoka
  • Jay Bernstein
  • Jerry Herman
  • John Bercsi
  • John Iloulian Family (AGA John Carpets)
  • John Kocinski
  • John Kluge Jr.
  • Kadisha Family
  • Kay Kimberly Siegel
  • Kevin Lipton
  • Ladd Family
  • Larry Hahn (Scentura)
  • Lee Kort
  • Leon Farahnik
  • Lidan Afshar
  • Linda Hogan
  • Lord Jason Hayes
  • Luca Colombo
  • Mahboubi Family
  • Mani Family
  • Marcia Hobbes
  • Mary McDonald
  • Max Azria
  • Megdal Family
  • Michael Hackman (Hackman Capital)
  • Michael Kline (Kline Capital)
  • Michael Scott
  • Micheline Lerner (Lerner and Loewe)
  • Michelle Rubin
  • Mike Heller
  • Len Jacoby (Jacoby and Meyers)
  • Nancy Krasne (Former mayor of Beverly Hills)
  • Natalie Zimmerman
  • Nicole Murphy
  • Pete Sampras
  • Peter Morton
  • Pahlavi Family (Royal family of Iran)
  • Pashai Family
  • Paul Daneshrad
  • Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
  • Prinz Friedrich von Anhalt
  • Richard Groman (Groman Mortuaries)
  • Rick Robertson III
  • Rick Solomon (Axis Clothing)
  • Robert Lamm (Chicago)
  • Sabrina Silvers
  • Sam Freshman
  • Sandy Gallin
  • Sandy Krause
  • Scott Storch
  • Schlesinger Family
  • Slatkin Family
  • Lee Family (Marvel)
  • Stavros Niarchos
  • Steve and Sarah Fortner
  • Steve Wallace (Wally’s)
  • Steve Aoki
  • Ted Field (Marshal Field)
  • Todd Schiffman
  • Vivian Berndorf
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Wayne Kao
  • Yoram Roth
  • Zalben Family

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