James Bloomingdale

"We interviewed a number of his competitors (most at least 25 years his senior) and were impressed by his immediate understanding of the property, his poise and his honesty. Josh is brilliant, professional and wise beyond his years. Wouldn’t hire anyone else in the future."

Jill & Lily Collins

"Josh Flagg has his own unique way of doing things and the results are proof that his ways work. Selling a property that had been in my family for 45 years had lots of memories connected with it and it was quite an emotional journey. I needed someone that I was familiar with and trusted to help me navigate the sale. I have known Josh for over fifteen years and this was our first business transaction together and I was very happy with the outcome. Thank you Josh for your patience and understanding and for always answering my endless questions. The fact that we are still friends speaks volumes for your professionalism!"

Carrie Brillstein

"Josh Flagg is a force to be reckoned with. His curiosity awareness of the marketplace and love of homes and their detail make him one of the most knowledgeable brokers in this town. He is also realistic and honest, two qualities that make him successful and his clients feel secure in his representation."

Marcia Ziffren

"We all know how truly stellar Josh is as a real estate tycoon. What you may not know about is his commitment to his friends, his family, his faith, and our future. Beyond all the fun and fantasy is the most polished, loveable, loyal, and remarkable young man. I'm honored to be able to work with him and to call him my friend."

Honorable Nancy Krasne

Former Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council Member, City of Beverly Hills

"Josh Flagg is the energizer bunny and always pays attention to the smallest details that everyone needs when purchasing a home. If Josh was a year old when I purchased my house, I would have used him, unfortunately, he had no license yet! “Res Ipsa Loquitor”, is the perfect match for any emotional buyer. His creativity, sense of style, vision, and compassion are extraordinary. I have watched his career soar and it couldn’t happen to a more fabulous man."

Bruce Eskowitz

"Josh is one of the smartest and hardest working real estate agents in the game. He is tenacious, pragmatic, and smart. I would trust him to buy or sell anything. He’s the best!"

Gilbert Chagoury & Jake Saady

"Josh was a godsend in helping us find our home. He is also one of the most knowledgeable and connected people in Los Angeles. He took interest in getting to know us as individuals and understanding our taste."

Leslie Spivak

Chair of the Board of Governors

"Josh has friendships that have been part of his life as a young child, they are all supportive of each other which certainly tells about the integrating of someone. Josh also is very Charitable and participates in a variety of organizations, Josh is a Board of Governor of Cedars Sinai Hospital. He recently was one of the Leaders of a very big event for Cedars Sinai Hospital called Rock for Research which raises money for Regenerative Stem Cell. Josh has qualities we all want to share with each other Kindness and Loyalty, I am lucky to say Josh Flagg is my friend. My Very Best."

The Rubins

"Dear Josh, We just wanted to say thanks for the amazing job you did for us! No matter how wonderful the location or the property might be, it doesn't sell itself. Great brokers sell the property. As you know, our previous broker found no buyers despite our agreeing to lower the price. You, on the other hand, found buyers and created a bidding war that got us more than asking. Again, amazing! You took care of us and made the process painless and rewarding. You are a star on and off the air!"

Peter Lubin

"Working with Josh was a great experience. Not only did he get me a great price for my house, but he made it a truly great experience for me."

Sharon & Andre Sabatfard

"Josh’s guidance and professionalism throughout our transaction were priceless. We value our personal relationship with Josh that has developed as a result while he continues to provide us with guidance and extensive knowledge of the real estate market even after our closing. Josh will be our real estate agent for life."

Heidi Berkley

"My husband, Jeff, and I had a wonderful experience with the purchase of our condo at The Century with Josh. Josh is now not only our agent but our friend. He was professional and at the same time made it all effortless. He always goes the extra mile, even serving us caviar and champagne when he showed us this amazing unit. I love his warm personality and always entertaining!! We would absolutely use him for any transactions in the future."

Dale & Kevin Lipton

"I have known Josh for over 15 years. Very capable and considerate when selling my property. Will always go the extra mile, including knocking on a door to find out if a homeowner would consider selling if he has a client interested in a particular home."

Joy & Robert Lamm

"This is the ultimate professional in his field, calm, experienced, and perceptive. Josh Flagg is a gentleman, direct and honest. He didn’t waste our time with salesmanship, he offered numerous resources and produced results. We are very pro-active people, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but weren’t sure how. Josh knew exactly what to do. We didn’t feel rushed yet the outcome was immediate and beyond our expectations. He was always accessible and his staff is a seamless extension of his process. We’re absolutely convinced that, given the same circumstances, any other broker would not have produced the same amazing outcome…not even close. With Josh, the reality is better than TV."

Arnold I. Gilberg, M.D., Ph.D.

"Josh Flagg is amazing! He's taken over leasing my Beverly Hills property and has done a great job. He finds the best tenants who pay top dollar. I could not ask for better management. His assistant Hilary Markus is a great asset to Josh."

Alexa Dell & Harrison Refoua

"Josh’s experience and vast knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market gives buyers and sellers working with him the assurance that they are making the correct decision in their transaction. He has earned his reputation of being trusted, hardworking, and an expert in his craft. "

Howard Kornberg

"I recently worked with Josh Flagg and his team in the acquisition of a residential property to complete a 1031 exchange. Josh was fantastic in locating a suitable property and negotiating a purchase sale agreement to protect us and satisfy the tax free exchange of like kind rental properties. Thank you to the Flagg team effort and especially to josh Flagg who I would gladly work with again."

Jeffrey Eiserman

Co-founder Skinny Pop

"No one is available 24 hours like josh is. He knows every single address in Beverly Hills and pretty much knows every owner on record by memory!"

Louis Friedel

"Josh’s knowledge of Los Angeles real estate is unparalleled in the community. His grasp of the city’s history and his vision for its future are simply superb. It is a testament to his work ethic and the dedication he has to all of his clients. He has an encyclopedic memory of nearly every house in the markets he knows best and isn’t afraid to flaunt it! Most importantly, the honesty and integrity with which he conducts himself are of the highest order. Josh is always my first call, and usually my second and third too."

Carrie Scotti

"Josh has an invaluable skill of finding unorthodox ways of getting a deal done that suits all parties. He knows everyone, knows the history of Beverly Hills more than any other realtor and knows how to connect people. With a finger on the pulse of this town, he's always got an idea in his head, and will forever find ways to get you your next dream home"

Ashleigh Bhole

"I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank Josh for being so damn awesome - really. Since we first met a month ago, Josh has been completely on top of things and more than flexible with our ever-changing plans. He has consistently followed up with us re: sale of San Ysidro and our search for a new home. Josh always had an answer to our questions, he has been extremely responsive (even responding to emails when he was on vacation) and he has been so understanding with the personal struggles we were going through. With everything that is going on right now, I cannot tell you how much it means to me (and us) to have someone like Josh helping us through this process. I am so happy to be working with Josh and look forward to continuing to work with him"

Francine Kohut

"Just want to say a big happy thank you to you and your staff. So very pleased about the sale of my condo. You had better start writing scripts Josh because you sure scripted this one beautifully, and with a happy ending, which always makes audiences feel wonderful, especially this audience of one and her happy family members who are all fans of yours since the beginning and all insisted I list with you. “Josh can get it sold, he knows just how to do it,” is what they all said when I told them I was going to call you. I know the escrow will go well because I have you and Hilary to help me. May the of success always be with you, shining brightly with continuing rays of success and happiness in all your pursuits. Enjoy this beautiful Fall weekend."

Alan Priven

"We were a group of heirs that interviewed a few well known real estate brokers to sell our family home. Two of the three came in with estimates between $15M and $17M. Josh walked in, stood looking at our home for a short time, and told us it was worth about $22M. We agreed to ask $21M and he sold it before it went to the MLS for $20M."

Kay Kimberly Siegel

"Josh Flagg is definitely the “go to” guy for anything in real estate, whether buying or selling!"

Alex & Sascha Rosner

"Josh performed a magic trick and it worked! As New Yorkers relocating to Los Angeles, we let Josh guide us through our entire search, putting our trust in his wealth of knowledge and track record. From sourcing unique listing options to introducing us to the stunning views of Beverly Hills, to sealing the deal and closing our transaction in 5 days from start to finish, Josh really made it happen! Josh and his team only work on the projects they love and that is precisely why the results are outstanding. As we discovered Los Angeles real estate, we knew we wanted soaring views and an amazing location, but Josh truly helped us find a home and we made a friend in the process!"

Natalie Zimmerman

"Josh just makes it happen. You wish he was your agent when you're on the other side of a transaction. Luckily he's my agent now."

David Pashaie

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Josh both personally and in a professional capacity for over 16 years now. I was 15 when I met him. Not only is he extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his business, which is clearly evident through his tremendous success, he is also one of the most generous, philanthropic, and kind-hearted people around. Josh has sold several properties for me and his professionalism, expertise, and negotiation skills are exactly what you would hope for in an agent."

Michelle & Shawn Yasharpour

"Josh is incredible. We will eternally be grateful to him for finding us our dream home. He is one of the sweetest and most genuine people, which is a rarity in Beverly Hills. We now consider him a close friend and feel lucky to have him in our lives. I think that most of the people working with him have that feeling just because of his contagious personality. We loved working with him and highly recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home. Thank you Josh for everything!"

Laney Ziv

"Josh Flagg is the best Real Estate agent in LA. I wouldn’t use anyone else to sell our house, that’s for sure. He took over a listing from another agent and sold our family’s house in 6 days for the full asking price. There is no other agent in LA I would use for any of my real estate listings."

Stacey Feldman

"Buying and selling a property with Josh is an amazing experience from beginning to end. His attention to detail, professionalism, knowledge of the real estate market, and of course sense of humor and style make the entire process a dream."

Candice Weiner

"Josh Flagg is the real deal. He worked tirelessly to make sure our sale closed. He truly cares and is a pleasure to work with."

Work With Josh

Josh Flagg is one of the world's most successful real estate agents and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in over $3 Billion of closed real estate transactions.

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