Real Estate Agents: Star of Bravo's 'Million Dollar Listing' Has a Unique, Proven-Effective Way to Dramatically Improve Your Sales, Commissions, and Income... While Working LESS Hours than Ever Before!



If you're a Real Estate Agent working TOO hard for TOO little in commissions... you MUST read this

Because if you're busting your butt yet STILL earning less than you want, or working more hours than you want... I'm challenging you to learn a better way. It's a way that will help you make all the money you want... in HALF the time you're spending now.

It's true, I can show you, step by step, how to earn $30,000 to $40,000 or more PER commission and 6 to 7 Figures a Year. Better yet, you'll do it in HALF the time (or less) than you're working now. And I'd love for you to check it out. 

See, I just released my new 6-month Million Dollar Listing Challenge with the goal of helping realtors EARN the kind of money and commissions they deserve, working HALF as hard as you're working. First, you'll be immersed in my 10-week self-paced online course. This 10-week learning experience provides you the information that forever changes the way you approach your real estate business. But information doesn't lead to TRANSFORMATION.

That's where my Challenge comes in. After you learn the information that transforms your compete against other realtors to see who can list their first million dollar property within 6 months. That means I hold you accountable to make sure you start earning the kind of money you're WORTH while working half as many hours as you are. 

I'll give you a fun mobile companion app that gives you tips to review the course and also apply what you’ve learned. 

That means you don’t just learn – the mobile app helps you lock in powerful habits that have you taking consistent action each day. The more steps you take... the more results you'll see. 

At the end of the 6-month learning experience... the course & challenge helps & you increase your income by 5 to 10 times what it is now. 

I'll show you how to list 10 homes per year and possibly net $500,000 in commissions. 

Either way, it's win-win because you skyrocket your income and transform your business. 

See, I KNOW what it takes to make the most money in the least amount of time. I make millions of dollars selling real estate, so I have a proven track record. I’m confident I can help grow your real estate business into one that earns $30,000 to $50,000 or more per commission and 6 to 7 figures a year. Better yet, you'll do it in less time than you're spending now. 

This Challenge is your first step to a new approach to your real estate business... one that WORKS. If you're ready to skyrocket your sales, commissions, and income... fill out this form now to get the details. 

Sincerely, Josh Flagg, Star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles 

P.S. Again, the Million Dollar Listing Challenge is a 6-month learning experience designed to help you earn the money you deserve in a fraction of the time you work now. The 10-week course immerses you in the learning experience of setting up a million dollar business. Then the 100-day challenge applies what you learned... competing against other agents. The combo of learning and applying speeds up your success. If you're ready to make the money you want and have enough free time to enjoy life... fill out this form now

These are just a few million dollar listings I recently sold

Once You're Inside, I Will Hand You The 7 Action Steps You Need To Sell Real Estate In The Luxury Market

I’ve sold over $1.5 billion dollars in luxury real estate

And I’ve taught other agents how to sell million dollar listings.

But it takes work. It takes passion. It takes persistence.

I don’t know you if you have the desire, the dedication, or the drive to become a million dollar agent.

What I do know is that IF you do, then you’ll get there faster by seeing what worked for me and other world-class luxury agents.

I’m living my dreams.

If you’re not living yours and want a plan to get you to where you can - then sign up for my Million Dollar Listing Challenge now

Let me show you what I’ve learned along the way

You will learn:

  • Learn the rules that have made me a multi-millionaire 
  • Learn my client referral strategy within 30 Days – Even if you’ve never sold a home before 
  • How to sell more homes in less time and make more money from higher dollar commissions 
  • Great marketing and sales techniques to become a great luxury real estate agent 
  • A game plan on how to get out of the rat race 
  • Gain an advantage by learning to build your client database for predictable referrals 
  • How the pros sell million dollar homes 
  • How to decide when to get into or out of a real estate deal 
  • The market indicators that actually matter 
  • The formula to accurately price million dollar listings that sell 
  • Why real estate agents don’t have to compete with top producers

Here's What Real Estate Agents Have To Say... 

Marc Zachrau 

Some of my biggest challenges were that I had no network in higher end neighborhoods and really no connections to start with. Understanding how to get into these circles and how to stand out was some of the most valuable information I took from the course. Shortly after the course I listed my first million dollar deal

Keller Williams - Houston, TX

Justin Griffith

Within 2 weeks of completing the course, I landed my first million dollar listing. What I took away from Josh boosted my confidence, brand, and business. I recommend this to any Realtor new or experienced as this is valuable for everyone!

RE/MAX - Edmonton, Canada

Alex Nantes  

I am proud to say that I listed and sold my first $3,000,000 beachfront property along with several million dollar listings shortly after. 

Century 21- Charlotte Harbor, FL

Rosie Poliquin  

Thanks to Josh and his training, I just picked up a $1.1 million dollar listing. 

Coldwell Banker - Los Gatos, CA

Become A Million Dollar Real Estate Agent